If Facebook did not seem all that friendly towards gambling in the past, it is a totally different story now as the social network has reversed it’s previous design and will now allow gambling ads, This is all thanks to a minor change in their advertising guidelines and company policy, meaning all forms of gambling will be able to advertise on the social network.

The legal aspect that Facebook faced regarding gambling advertisements were that they have to abide with the local laws and the local laws need to be followed by each and every advertiser. As for Facebook’s part in this deal, it will get to decide which users will be able to view such gambling advertisements and this will be based on the countries that they are located in and as such US members of Facebook will not be able to view advertising relating to gambling on the social network.

Anybody wishing to advertise their online casino games on Facebook must closely follow the company’s guidelines, and along with that they will also have to pay a sum of $30,000 in the form of a minimum spend for advertising.

Facebook has guaranteed that the advertisement will reach over 750 million people, however the guidelines read “Gambling advertising may be available through a direct sales partnership with Facebook. These partnerships require a minimum monthly spend of $30,000 USD.”