By managing one of the most significant casino enterprises in The United Kingdom, you may be thinking that Peter Brooks should at the very least make an attempt to sell the concept of gambling whenever he takes part in an interview about the industry, so you can image my surprise to see a quote from his interview with stating that he is scared of gambling.

“I have the same hesitation as other people do,” he is cited as stating. “Once you start, is it going to be OK? So I don’t even put my foot in.” A very curious piece of reportage, especially coming from someone who is incredibly deep within a world-wide organisation which owns and operates 44 UK casinos (and many more outside of the country). This is a man who at one point in time owned a large stake in a horse-racing business, so is certainly no stranger to the concept. The best part of the interview? When Peter Brooks came out with the bombshell that he originally wanted to become a lawyer. This wasn’t some childhood dream either, Mr Brooks actually studied law for a number of years at the University of Southampton. A walking paradox? We certainly think so!