Playtech and William Hill are due to commence discussions this week with the intention of salvaging their much talked about online partnership after having a spectacular breakdown in communications in 2011, as quite a number of online casino UK news websites have reported over previous months.

Professionals from the Israel-based Playtech and the UK’s foremost online gambling operator William Hill will certainly be talking about cancelling their current joint venture, an anonymous source with insider knowledge on the situation is reported to have said.

Mor Weizer, the CEO of Playtech, stated that he was getting excited about having conversations with William Hill “as soon as possible”. He suggested that he wasn’t in opposition to listening to fresh strategies from his William Hill based partners.

As reported in the past, William Hill would like to stop Playtech’s current power to veto potential acquisitions, to ensure they do not have to work in conjunction with current rivals in the gambling market Ladbrokes. It has been reported that the CEO of Ladbrokes have approached Playtech in the past regarding potential business agreements, something which William Hill would like to avoid at all costs.

The pair of corporations commenced their online collaboration during the year 2008, in which Playtech paid out almost €250 million for a 30 percent stake in WHO (William Hill). As part of the deal William Hill received the required software and personnel to run an online casinos with live poker games. Despite these recent dramas, the venture has been widely considered a positive success, allowing the partnership to become one of Europe’s most powerful gambling forces.